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[READ] Our Current Situation

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Our memberlist is currently sitting at 98 people.  With some exceptions, the majority (75%+) of this memberlist should be in attendance for our mandatory weekend trips.  This hasn't been the case.  Despite this weekends pulls of around 55-60 on Saturday and Sunday, we still managed to get decent action due to a few clans pulling the same.  I understand some of you are currently busy with that last stretch of school before the Christmas break, but this weekend I expect 70+ to both trips.  Real life obligations come first, but all we're asking for is 1-2 hours of your time each day.
As far as recruiting goes, we saw 18 applications and 53 community introductions in November alone.  This has been a huge improvement from the previous months, but lets continue to improve upon these numbers.


Forum and TeamSpeak Activity

Something that we've seen a slight decline in recently is our forum activity.  There's no reason that with a 98 man memberlist any aftermath topic or introduction should see only 20-30 replies.  You should be checking the forums every day and replying to all recent topics.  As for TeamSpeak, we always have people online and willing to go on pk trips or host small clan wars events.  This becomes a lot more difficult if you only idle on Discord and not on TeamSpeak.  I shouldn't have to repeat this as you all have clanning experience and know better, idling on TeamSpeak during the midweek is a mandatory thing.  While Discord is a nice alternative to the IRC that clan's used to use, it isn't our main source of communication for our community.  Both of these are small aspects of clanning but they help to maintain a community.


The EoP Mentality

While our pulls have settled at roughly 50-70 in the past months, we've seen a shift in some of your mentality when it comes to our events.  Eruption of Pures is a clan that has always been known for its ability to overcome any obstacle and remain as the last clan standing on the battlefield.  You need to understand that not every fight will go in our favor and not every fight will be easy.  The main thing is you should never give up.  You logging out in a fight that isn't in our favor or you leaving a trip because you died does nothing but hurt the clan and demotivate those who truly wanna see EoP succeed.  It's about time you all bring this mentality back and continue to return until the fight is officially over, no one should be logging out of their pures or leaving the trip until we've made it official.  Whatever opts we start the trip with should be the same, if not less, than what we end the trip with.


It's time to bring EoP back to its former glory, 1 step at a time.
I expect a minimum of 70+ pures at this weekends mandatory pk trips (December 15/16th), do not let the clan down.

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