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Operation Fi Ded: No up from here (Leaderboards leak)

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When I came back to EoP around two months ago, it was apparent to me that fatality was riding the easy wave while I was away. I'm not sure why, but for whatever reason they think they could hack an ex-leader of ours, openly brag about it, and simply go about their day. I guess they needed a few reminders on what they were getting themselves to. A few weeks after the incident and with me coming back to EoP, over six months of fatality's admin and scout channel were leaked - for everyone to view.


I knew this was the only beginning of my operation as their anniversary was just around the corner after their IRC logs initially got leaked. After leaking their IRC logs, I decided to check around their website to see if there were any sort of vulnerabilities where I could slip through. To my surprise, their admin (Ssj4 and Kev) are more stupid than I would have ever guessed. Needless to say, I was able to get into their site, and I'm still in their website as I am writing this topic. Throughout the night I will update this thread with some of the more humorous pictures they had to offer.


Without further ado, I present to you fatality leaderboards. 




To any fatality reading this, it is never too late for you to jump ships.

/query [EoP]Joey to spy


Feel free to post any pictures that are worth reading on this thread  ^_^

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