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Fatality's story so far - Chapter IV: Revenge

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Fatality's Story So Far


Featuring: [RD]Bruinz, [A]P1Z4, [Fi]Couck, [Fi]Sunday, [Fi]Whisky, [Fi]Jons, [Fi]Kenny, [Fi]Bday


Written & Produced by the greatest duo the intelligence community has ever seen in RuneScape pure clanning history;


Lil Nick & Treehugger28


Click here to read Chapter III - Crisis


Initially, it would become clear later down the road that two people who shared a dire passion and a belief for aggressive pure clanning, would soon be lead down the path that fate lay out in front of them in their clan of respected choice. They would be presented with a tough challenge that would soon create a fork in the road for the future of not only their clanning lives, but for the clan they represented themselves, the heart beat, of the clan if you will.


Monday; March 28th, 2016; 01:28AM


[Fi]Nick is removed and kicked from Fatality.


The slump begins.


EoP leaks A52, A51 & Elder boards along with 550k lines of #A52 ranked irc channel.


With the removal of the greatest of his time rank they had, the inevitable slump for them really took a turn for the worst. If Dulls era of EoP wasn't already hurting them enough, there was simply no coming back from this. Fatality took a nose dive from the sky and continued of their down-hill spiral. Losing their rivalry to RD, and having absolutely no hope vs EoP.


The Fatality rank team was now taking a turn for the worst. They knew what they had done was a HUGE mistake, and hope was starting to run slim. Some jumped ship, some simply went afk and member after member continued leaking in protest of the ranks decision making and direction of the clan.


Friday; 15th April, 2016 (2 months later)


[Fi]Halloween steps down officially and for good.


Wednesday; 18th May, 2016. (3 months later)


[Fi]Lex steps down officially and for good.



Wednesday; 8th of June, 2016 (5 months later)


[Fi]Jons steps down officially and for good.




This is when things took an absolute turn for closure. The only chance Fatality ever had left of getting out of the yearly and day by day slump EoP has managed to successfully hold on this clan was done. They removed their most aspiring rank yet.



Saturday; July the 30th, 2016 (6 months later)



[Fi]Treehugger28 is removed and kicked from Fatality.


words from the man himself:


It's sad that this day has to come. But it's unfortunate that this has been once again forced by clueless leadership.

It's sad that ONE clan had to KICK 2 dedicated HIGH-COUNCILS that did everything for the clan. Spending numerous amounts of money on the clan.

If nobody had touched me, disrespected me or banned me this would not have happen, but it is time for a new home, new era and NEW LEAKS.

Point of views you have never seen before.


I feel welcomed to the DARK SIDE of the runescape pure community. Now my talents will not be limited by rules or honor.


Here is a little preview of what the intel brothers do when they are together. Enjoy & much more to come.




Father Rebel aka Treehugger28




Without further ado; We Present:


121k lines of #A52:






[01:02] <+Joseph> why we need to survie thorugh this 30 pulls
[01:02] <@gorilla_of_fi> yh
01:02] <+Joseph> lets close with peace
[01:03] <@[Fi]Couck> LOL
[01:03] <+Joseph> ?
[01:03] <+Joseph> whats funny
[01:03] <@[Fi]Couck> i won't close untill we #1 again




20:24] <@[eOp]dull> [21:35] <@[Fi]Jons> yo
[20:24] <@[eOp]dull> [21:35] <@[Fi]Jons> what if like 
[20:24] <@[eOp]dull> [21:35] <@[Fi]Jons> a clan closes or some shit and we get some good ass members and become #1 clan in p2p and f2p and pull 100 on weekends
[20:24] <@[eOp]dull> [21:37] <+Joseph> keep dreaming




[03:35] <@[Fi]Bruins> we cant even win anything
[03:35] <@[Fi]Bruins> might as well close
[03:35] <%Tyrone> yh can we close already
[03:36] <%Tyrone> so i can sell my pures



[19:37] <@[Fi]Couck> well yh
[19:39] <@[Fi]Couck> u know we are slumping when team cape buys for 50%



[20:11] <%[Fi]Bday> 2 options

[20:11] <%[Fi]Bday> either i take this router and pay for a new one.

[20:11] <%[Fi]Bday> or

[20:12] <%[Fi]Bday> i wait till dull and nick stop playing the game

[20:12] <%[Fi]Bday> LOL

[20:12] <%[Fi]Sunday> Ye might as well quit then lmao

[01:11] <%Tyrone> "how do we slump eop without fighting them"
[01:11] <%Tyrone> what a pussy
[01:11] <%Tyrone> pusy
[01:13] <@[Fi]Jons> Tyrone
[01:13] <@[Fi]Jons> u do realize im asking bruinz
[01:13] <@[Fi]Jons> because he doesnt want to fight them
[01:13] <@[Fi]Jons> right lol
[01:13] <%Tyrone> o
[01:43] <@[Fi]Couck> yeah cus eop tyler
[01:43] <@[Fi]Couck> is from canada
[02:07] <@[Fi]Jons> the worst thing is when i was asking you about EOP
[02:13] <@[Fi]Rich> [Fi]Couck: 
[02:13] <@[Fi]Couck> yh
[02:13] <@[Fi]Rich> how do we beat eop witohut preping them
[02:13] <@[Fi]Rich> kappa
[02:13] <@[Fi]Couck> looooooooool
[02:19] <@[Fi]Jons> not even funny
[02:19] <@[Fi]Jons> was taken out of context
[02:22] <@[Fi]Rich> did you really lose to fucking eop in a fullout
[02:22] <@[Fi]Couck> in december lol
[02:22] <@[Fi]Couck> they hit 25 kids offline
[02:22] <@[Fi]Rich> why would you even rofl
[02:22] <@[Fi]Couck> jcup
[02:22] <@[Fi]Couck> i toldem to not go
[02:22] <@[Fi]Couck> but nooooooooo
[02:23] <@[Fi]Rich> you should of just not went like what lmfao
[02:23] <@[Fi]Rich> thats just sad
[02:23] <@[Fi]Couck> yeah thats what i said but everyone was like
[02:23] <@[Fi]Couck> "no its fun"
[02:23] <@[Fi]Couck> kids like [Fi]Lex
[02:23] <@[Fi]Couck> and shit
[02:23] <@[Fi]Couck> lmfao
[02:29] <@[Fi]Bruins> honestly im pretty sure nick was just a eop spy the whole time
[02:32] <+Joseph> [Fi]Rich
[02:32] <+Joseph> (01:03:41) <+[Fi]Couck> i still talk to her and had like 5 gf's irl so idk what ur point is
[02:32] <@[Fi]Couck> ?
[02:32] <@[Fi]Rich> wtf is tht rofl
[01:13] <@[Fi]Jons> the EOP Tsunami is coming
01[01:13] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> This is way
01[01:13] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> u got ur irc lines
[01:13] <@[Fi]Jons> you are laying in bed
01[01:13] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> get quoted
01[01:14] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> by eop
01[01:14] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> sofucking much
[01:14] <@[Fi]Jons> what
[01:14] <@[Fi]Jons> are you saying
[01:14] <@[Fi]Couck> yeah first thing i hear when i get on ts
[01:14] <@[Fi]Couck> is some special tactic lmfao
[01:14] <@[Fi]Couck> it's runescape
[01:14] <@[Fi]Couck> it's silmple as fuck
04:43] <@[Fi]Jons> Joseph
[04:43] <@[Fi]Jons> eop have 30 apps
[04:43] <@[Fi]Jons> wtf
[04:51] <@[Fi]Jons> or if i was i dont remember lol
[04:51] <@[Fi]Jons> did a lot of drugs pre-eoc
[00:11] <@[Fi]Davey> tbh couck is the kinda guy to fuck all the reject girls
[00:11] <@[Fi]Jons> nah
[00:11] <@[Fi]Jons> nicks the nigga in school that spread all the fake rumors he heard
[00:11] <@[Fi]Jons> he has his own gossip section on the school newspaper
[00:11] <@[Fi]Jons> called "Nicks Insight"
01[21:29] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> EOp at our mass btw
[21:30] <@[Fi]Jons> damn
[21:44] <@[Fi]Jons> eop got 20 more than us
[21:57] <@[Fi]Jons> EOP have fucking 80
[21:57] <@[Fi]Jons> like
[21:57] <@[Fi]Jons> on forums
[22:59] <@[Fi]Couck> anymore
[22:59] <@[Fi]Couck> we can go get FO capes
[22:59] <@[Fi]Couck> and slame eop
[22:59] <@[Fi]Couck> slam
01[22:10] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> Jons
01[22:10] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> wanna 1v1
01[22:10] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> su?
01[22:10] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> they got sam eopts
[22:10] <@[Fi]Jons> they need to bring a cape
[22:10] <@[Fi]Jons> eop will crash
[22:10] <@[Fi]Jons> and have 80
01[22:10] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> No
01[22:10] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> bring theirs
01[22:11] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> they wont bring ours
[22:24] <@[Fi]P1Z4> stop splitting up you need to stay with sup
[22:24] <@[Fi]John> [Fi]P1Z4: are you using discord or what
[22:24] <@[Fi]P1Z4> yes, we on back up ts atm eop have 100
01[22:56] <@[Fi]Couck> Wanna get FO capes
01[22:56] <@[Fi]Couck> and punish
01[22:56] <@[Fi]Couck> EOP?
[23:01] <@[Fi]Jons> cp capes team on eop?
[23:01] <@[Fi]Jons> better than nothin
[22:05] <+Elit3|AFK> i need
[22:05] <+Elit3|AFK> Newspaper
[22:05] <%Tyrone> dsgfyursdfhjdjsfdg
[22:05] <+Elit3|AFK> I need Newspaper
[22:05] <%Tyrone> man couck
[22:05] <+Elit3|AFK> of us beating EOP
[22:05] <%Tyrone> dis nigga Joseph gonna host an irl party
[22:05] <+Elit3|AFK> any1 can write a newspaper
[22:05] <+Elit3|AFK> ?
[01:41] <@[Fi]Couck> ?
[01:42] <@[Fi]Jons> i heard eop has pool partys at the end of the week every sunday in the pool of accumulated saliva from sudos lisp
[01:42] <@[Fi]Jons> thats why they pulling so much
[23:17] <@[Fi]John> just stop
[23:17] <%[Fi]Bday> that was embarassing
[23:17] <@[Fi]John> the call wasnt the issue
[23:18] <@[Fi]John> there's literally nothing you can do when 2 clans with even opts team on you
[23:18] <%[Fi]Bday> 
[21:58] <+Joseph> whisky just stop
[21:58] <+Joseph> ur not good like me
[21:58] <+Joseph> just stop trying so hard lmao
[21:58] <+Joseph> ur amking it too obviously rofl
[00:02] <%[Fi]Bday> yeah i have ppl over but i wont use that as an excuse
[00:02] <%Sunday> [Fi]Kenny get on quick we're about to start
[00:02] <%[Fi]Bday> ive been getting piled at the beginning
[00:02] <@[Fi]P1Z4> just speak up.
[00:02] <%[Fi]Bday> alll prep
[01:43] <%[Fi]Bday> i used to love doing aftermaths on battlescape
[02:26] <%[Fi]Bday> yo
[02:26] <%[Fi]Bday> guys
[02:26] <%[Fi]Bday> send me a video that can help me in warring



..once again..


oh, and while we are on the topic of revenge:






revenge is sweet @@Goop



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Revenge of those that were brave enough to go against the odds and join the giant.


Gna have some good lolz reading this lmao

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