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EoP leaks 18k lines of CD Admin

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Written and Directed by:


lookatwhatidid / dull / sudo_ 




B_S_E_Rs, [Don], Bloodarrow42, ThatBoyRange, Zeke, [Andre]



The motive? simple. EoP was threatened in private where they thought we couldn't see or hear them. We decided to quickly pull some strings and acted upon the private threats we had been notified about. This was more an operation just to remind everyone and anyone who the big dogs are of the pure clanning scene. 


Generally, we don't like to worry about lower dog shit tier clans in mpc/lpc tiers. However this was different. DDoS and Dox threats started coming out of no where when CD thought they were on top of the scene and could do whatever they wanted. This is to remind them of the reality.


Also, upon personal request we have decided to leave a lot of confidential shit out of this and only leak a minority of what we got access to during this operation. If any threats continue or we are notified about, we will ignore any request to keep anything private again, no matter how much you pay us next time, and leak everything.


Know your place.


view the entire log file here: http://pastebin.com/FuvR9VfC

(temporary link until @@joey gets online and adds to site)

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