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Operation: Freeze - Part 1 - Eruption Of Pures leak 97,681 lines of Corrupt Pures Admin Channel #Sodapop

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Produced and Published by:


lookatwhatidid as [EoP]Nick

Tyler as [eOp]dull

Andy as [EoP]debb




Rewind the clocks back one year and exactly one week ago today, one of our most beloved ranks this clan has had, @, leaked 237k lines of Corrupt Pures admin channel. As trends generally seem to continue on throughout clanning history, this one fit the book perfectly. The new era that makes EoP what it is today, has continue'd on the trend of leaking majority of our rivals admin channels, leader boards & anything else fed up ranks in other clans provide us. This guy was brave enough to go against the grain under the leadership of [CP]Sam and [CP]Alex and give us what we were looking for.


So without further adeo, we present:


CP Admin channel: #Sodapop (2016 version)

incase you were wondering who the leak was:



click here for the direct link to the pastebin





[13:08] <@[CP]Andre> both my recruits got here

[13:08] <@[CP]Andre> and then left

[13:08] <@[CP]Andre> l0l

[13:08] <@[CP]Remy-> yup

[13:08] <@[CP]Remy-> not gonna be on next weekend either

[13:09] <@[CP]Remy-> u guys dont understand

[13:09] <@[CP]Remy-> every p2p trip we have

[13:09] <@[CP]Remy-> will be bad

[13:09] <@[CP]Remy-> and the omre bad trips we have in a row

[13:09] <@[CP]Remy-> the less people that whill show up each weekend

[13:09] <@[CP]Jack> half of the ranks skip it LOL

[13:09] <@[CP]Remy-> need to cancel p2p for like 2 straight weeks

[13:09] <@[CP]Jack> making it bad enough





[13:03] <@[CP]Jack> fi has 18 in game

[13:03] <@[CP]Jack> we have 14

[13:03] <@[CP]Jack> get the fuck in game

[13:03] <@[CP]Jack> lol

[13:03] <@[CP]Jack> and start doing something

[13:03] <@[CP]Jack> during mass

[13:03] <@[CP]u-go-n-flop> why is furmoil stil in dis klen

[13:03] <@[CP]u-go-n-flop> kid is stooopid! :[

[13:03] <@[CP]u-go-n-flop> nd wen i saii it u no its bad D:

[13:04] <@[CP]Remy-> sec

[13:04] <@[CP]Remy-> coming

[13:04] <@[CP]Remy-> hm do we have

[13:05] <@[CP]Jack> 14!!!

[13:05] <@[CP]Jack> in game!!!

[13:05] <@[CP]Jack> less than fi!!!

[13:05] <@[CP]u-go-n-flop> people log in last min

[13:05] <@[CP]Jack> fi is leaving with 20

[13:05] <@[CP]Jack> lol

[13:05] <@[CP]u-go-n-flop> its fine

[13:05] <@[CP]Jack> shit annoys me

[13:05] <@[CP]Remy-> lol just end

[13:05] <@[CP]Remy-> wasting ppls time

[13:06] <@[CP]Jack> 30 in chan

[13:06] <@[CP]Jack> like 4-5 ranks here lol

[13:06] <@[CP]Jack> too many people just dont give a fuck about p2p

[13:06] <@[CP]Jack> not even giving us a chance to compete

[13:06] <@[CP]Remy-> ye so end

[13:06] <@[CP]u-go-n-flop> ...

[13:06] <@[CP]Remy-> trips r gonna get worse and worse

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First week of alex waar as leader and this happens.



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[17:56] <@Braden> yes [CP]Sam we are gonna kill the community







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[17:47] <@Braden> so all mpcs

[17:47] <@Braden> going hpc?

[17:47] <@Braden> fuckin easy for cp m8s

[17:48] <@[CP]Sam> apex r dog shit

[17:48] <@[CP]Sam> l0l

[17:48] <@Braden> we could steal their members

[17:55] <@Braden> do we still do p2p trips btw or are they holidays lmao


how shit is this kid l000000l

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