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Operation Safari: Eruption Of Pures leak 34,265 lines of Supremacy Admin #Rank

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Produced and Published by:


exe as [eop]nick


tyler as [eop]dull




Flash1: N E T W O R K E D




It's not every day that the average clan gets their hands on some good nice juice, but fortunately for us, we have crafted a network of intel so deep that there is really no running from any reality that can be shown if you decide to try and hurt our clan. 


As supremacy as shown recently, they want smoke lol. So being apart of the Eruption Of Pure staff team, smoke is what we are going to provide lol. One last shoutout to the rank that as of this post (still hasn't been caught yet LOL) but we hope you join the kings of pure clanning as soon as this goes public as we assume they will catch you and you can finally complete your service for us. We thank you once again.


So without further adeo, we present:


Supremacy Admin Channel (#Rank) 2016 Version.

click here to read the full log


Highlights (post as you find):


[12:49] <@`3at> the rank team stopped as a whole

[12:49] <@`3at> we got happy with 5~ good apps

[12:49] <@`3at> and after that we dropped recruiting

[12:49] <@`3at> and jumped back on stupid minecraft games

[12:50] <@Hebi> I still recruit like everyday lol

[12:50] <@Hebi> kim is having irl problems with her gf i guess

[12:50] <@Hebi> plus her sleep schedule is fucked

[12:50] <@`3at> thats a pretty shitty excuse for a rank

[12:50] <@Hebi> i agree it's not a good one




[12:45] <@Zachary|0mg> we have
[12:45] <@Zachary|0mg> 12 gildeds
[12:45] <@Zachary|0mg> and not one is on
[12:45] <@Zachary|0mg> how is this possible LMAO

[12:46] <@Zachary|0mg> we have
[12:46] <@Zachary|0mg> 8 people on website
[12:46] <@Zachary|0mg> not on ts
[12:46] <@Zachary|0mg> in the past 30 minutes
[12:46] <@Zachary|0mg> or refreshed it
[12:46] <@Hebi> this pull is pitiful
[12:47] <@Zachary|0mg> hebi pm all the shitters in kik
[12:59] <@Zachary|0mg> man
[12:59] <@Zachary|0mg> if i had
[12:59] <@Zachary|0mg> u guys are
[12:59] <@Zachary|0mg> seriously
[12:59] <@Zachary|0mg> PUSSIES
[12:59] <@Ham> who brought a 65 to the trip?
[12:59] <@Zachary|0mg> if i had power
[12:59] <@Zachary|0mg> i woulda muted the ts by now
[12:59] <@Zachary|0mg> jesus

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Is anybody safe when they attempt to flex against EoP...

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