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Operation Chaos: Eruption Of Pures Leak 41,867 lines of Final Ownage Leader IRC

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Produced and Published by:


Nick as exe

Tyler as [eop]dull





Let's rewind the clocks back to about a month ago now where tentions started raising between fo and eop. It was not an uncommon flare between both clans as we have had a negative history with them before. The line was crossed this time when EoP was on the verge of ending Fos p2p clan wars streak, with a 1-0 going into the 2nd round only to be snaked, scummed and in the end cheated out of the win.


Eruption Of Pures retaliated as this clan does. We do not get pushed around or bullied by anyone or any washed up retarded legend rank like paki adhi. I refer to this topic the weekend of the cheating by fo:




We came, we saw, and we camped the fuck outta this clan with as many mains possible to give back the scum that they gave to us. The inevitable slump instantly followed. 6+ leaving topics that week alone, back to back ranks fighting with each other and huge rank diversity ensured.


and hey, guess what? EoP staff in associated with the network, was there to watch it all. Now you will all see the result and aftermath of the slump and how it inevitably caused huge rank diversity, hatred and no trust as it twindles in a down hill spiral.


Special Mention:


To [Fo]Last_rites for being probably the absolute biggest disgrace of a fo rank we have seen in many years. Shaming and blaming their new leaders while they try and find their feet in the new position, not helping or giving them any sort of chance to learn. If i were to take anything away from this, it would be to notice how fucking bad the lower-tier ranks are in fo at the moment, (not all, but some) and Last_rites is a great example of a rank you never want in your clan and someone you never want to become in any point of your life, ever.


without further adeu and on behalf of the EoP staff team, we present:


Fo leader IRC





Will update with hidden funny gems as we read:

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[21:10] <@P_K_3_L_M_0> its just 2day

[21:10] <@P_K_3_L_M_0> its ok

[21:10] <@P_K_3_L_M_0> striketeam helps FO a lot



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