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Welcome to the new EoP Forums. It is recommended that you read this topic to be up to date on what's going on.

  1. Runescape Discussion

    1. Runescape Discussion

      Discuss anything and everything.

      2,342 topics
      52,295 posts
    2. Clan Discussion

      For all your RS clanning needs.

      2,004 topics
      66,121 posts
    3. Event Aftermath

      Summaries of recent EoP events, pictures and videos will be posted here.

      1,135 topics
      65,695 posts
    4. Goals & Achievements

      Share your latest goals & achievements.

      10,401 topics
      195,937 posts
    5. Clan Media

      For signatures, avatars, and any other viral entertainment.

      557 topics
      10,912 posts
    6. Player Killing

      Show your kills, videos and other PvP related activities!

      2,129 topics
      37,972 posts
    7. Market

      Buy and sell here.

      357 topics
      6,840 posts
  2. Public Discussion

    1. General Discussion

      Discuss anything and everything that doesn't involve gaming.

      2,077 topics
      61,920 posts
    2. Media, Graphics & Artwork

      Music, Movies, Videos, Graphics and Artwork can all be found here.

      1,785 topics
      27,540 posts
    3. Sports & Fitness

      Basketball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, Bodybuilding, Health & Fitness.

      182 topics
      4,464 posts
    4. Gaming Forum

      Games other than Runescape

      194 topics
      9,989 posts
  3. Clan Quick Links

    1. Eruption of Pures Youtube   (2,619 visits to this link)

      Watch videos of our Pk trips, Preps, and Minis here!

    2. Discord Server   (1,948 visits to this link)

      Join our Public Discord Server by clicking this link!

    3. Teamspeak Download   (1,837 visits to this link)

      Download Teamspeak from their official website here!

    4. Zybez   (4,928 visits to this link)

      Zybez Runescape Community