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  3. EOP 2020 coming soon. 

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  5. Cronic/Solo 2020 still in the books. See ya'll soon. 

    1. Parm
    2. :^)


      miss u man solo visits my clans forums and talks in my discord every 2 days you should come through 



      All us EoP boys are in here, literally everyone that even goes on their PC jojo, nish, berry, solo etc the whole lot

  6. Killa makes a heartfelt status update like most of the sweaty neckbeards didn't just join other clans lmfao

    1. Killa


      real recognise real

    2. :^)


      read forum pm brother

  7. Here's a funny analogy, but totally relevant. If you ever watched South Park's world of warcraft episode, you'd remember the fat & old dude spent his entire time killing cartman and his crew over and over, to the extent that they were not able to level up etc. Then when they finally killed him, one of Cartman's friends said "So, what do we do now?" and Cartman responded "What do you mean? We can finally play the game!" All along, Runescape was the fat & old dude.. a complete road block to us actually being productive, and we were Cartman and his crew. Now that the road block is gone, you can actually begin your life just as I have.

  8. "I made an apology to Jamz to join outrage" - Godae

  9. Well hello there - Its been 8 years

    hey mna unfortunately we closed
  10. @Jamz stop digging up dead clans with washed up retards like robb with 2 y's.

  11. Muhammed did in fact finger a 9 year old. 

    1. Swelly


      and White people are the Devil, its proven by history.

  12. miss you all, EOP CUHH!

  13. Be on for trip

  14. Big Trips this weekend. Be online boys 

  15. Well hello there - Its been 8 years

    Hello we closed unfortunately!
  16. damn eop really held me back IRL. Just had a 3some tbh

    1. JoJo


      Respect. EOP closed and my bench press went up 300 pounds tbh. 

    2. Jew


      thats some serious iron joey.  The results are unbelievable.

  17. Well hello there - Its been 8 years

    hello friend
  18. Well hello there - Its been 8 years

    Hey man welcome :) we been closed for around 8 months now
  19. Earlier today, i had a little reunions with some real life friends and they kept reminiscing about runescape, and the first thing pop up in my head was the old fun memories EOP. Supriuse I still remember the login hehehehe. Till this day i still remember the days when the admins kept telling me to get rid of the regen bracelet and go get the gloves/get tfing firecape [email protected]!==!!". Good O memories. Anyways was curious if any old fruitcakes is still around; skittles berry ubbertviins,goop,solo,suwoop,tay there are others i forgot, im sure of that. Just want to say hi, and hope everyone been doing well irl. Much love. H00dz jr
  20. I smell booty

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