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  2. Tell Jamz winter is coming for him


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    1. Linus


      mans name rebron james got me giggling

    2. Parm
    3. rEB


      It's not easy letting go of something you love

  5. Join Fearless!!!

    P2P prep tomorrow come through my niggas

  6. Earlier
  7. take me back...

  8. Be on this weekend 

  9. fo ded LOL

  10. be on this weekedn to kill clans

    1. Sniper


      Be on faggot

  11. 126

    big fat gratty
  12. Any Eopians going to EDC Las Vegas?

    1. matt


      unfortunately not, i'll be in vegas the month after though. have fun!

  13. just keep in mind i'm the greatest gfx artist out there 


  14. Dmm season next week, whos down?!?!?

  15. If ur a real E cuh nigga join legacy to kill fi

    1. Cronic
    2. Simon


      Ge mig deras TS... jag kommer och chillar lite när jag får tid

    3. Anton


      @Simon Ts.legacy-rs.org kom trip imorgon bror

  16. What happened to EOP?

    eop should never of closed.clan was over 13 years old, legacys dont die
  17. samad is a dogs name haha

  18. Soon.... Keep your eyes open!

  19. What happened to EOP?

    booter money gone
  20. lmfao came back onto eop/fo forums and saw Fo is getting absolutely dicked on my RoT lmfao stay easy retards

  21. EoSummer

  22. In light of everything, people breaking, and the poor decisions of the rank leadership I have kept my big mouth to a minimum but what really stands out to me is member name @karanlil. The fact you're leaving FO for the only reason some random who doesnt even know your kid flames you and you break after one comment is purely sad. I've been flamed about my daughter  and the imaginary 3 kids I have for the past year and a half by eop. Did it once effect me? No. Lmao but the fact you break after that. Shows how much of a loser and insecure these kids are. Stay strong boys and girl.
  23. What happened to EOP?

    We're all old bastards who don't want to put that effort in
  24. fom dead (haha)

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