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EoP Presents: Fo Rank Chat Leak


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In this topic, EoP exposes Final Ownage “Elite’s” leadership, leaking over 20k lines of their discord rank channel, TeamSpeak meetings, closure discussions and the atrocious attempts to revive their clan.


Fo was and has been on its last legs for years, with a dead community, an average of one official event per month, multiple losses in clan wars and no signs of brighter days to come. Eventually, they even began to have formal talks about closing.


Today, we’re going to make that decision to close an easier one for them. That’s why we’re posting their FULL LOGS for all to see!


Featuring moments such as:


But there’s much, much more to see. Go through the logs at the top of this topic and post your findings below!

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this is a fun read 🙂

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