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EoP Presents: Zenith - The Lowest Point (Admin Leak)


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Zenith was never meant to be in the position that they were in. They had everything spoon fed to them. With overhyped leaders, trash callers & shit quality, it did not take long for a good clan to take over. We have done in under 2 MONTHS what the community could not do in the last 4 YEARS;  we've hit every single important event, maced countless members, terrorized their vidders, made leaders quit and ranks step down under the guise of "focusing irl". Now their remaining co-leaders are trying to suicide to another main clan to avoid saying we closed them, but as you'll see with the logs above - that is simply not true.


Thank you Elve for having a mental breakdown and flaming RoT last night, this could've been avoided if you didn't burn that bridge.


you will find proof of their cope, years of drama, demoralized ranks and so much more.     



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