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EOP Official Gay Rankings: June 2024


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A random selection of 12 members of EOP were asked to vote who they thought were the gayest members of EOP, their names have been anonymized due to data protection laws.

Happy pride month 🌈 to those who have made the list, and those who unfortunately haven't, better luck next year.


🏳️‍🌈EOP Gay Rankings June 2024🏳️‍🌈

1. Exzrts - Notorious for sucking cockkk
2. 17 - Avid taylor swift lover, homosexual yet hiding behind an arranged marriage

3. Windsii - his homosexual presence on teamspeak is enough to slump a clan

4. K1d - has been given backshots by the most prestige clanners of runescape

5. Money in ge - constantly says how he wants exzrts to finger his ass and call him el diablo

6. Jebba - has been sexually harassing skeez for months leading him to complain to HR 105 on repeat

7. Heavyset - calling this guy gay is like saying water is wet

8. Jamz - nobody talks about their gf that much, has to be a mask for his homosexual tendencies, also previously came out as gay in fi

9. Stick - Most homophobic yet says the most questionable shit, moving in the same direction as 17 & Joey.

10. Joey - Likely gay, but the least gay out of all of these fags


Honourable Mentions

1. Jebbas Dad - (went to pilgrimmage in mecca to repent for his sins or would be placed higher)

2. Tazzanova - Will randomly tell you stories about how he put things up his ass in jail

3. Nic - "Aslong as they aint black I'll lick their ass crack" was pretty questionable, (he didn't specify their gender).

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skeez - notorious for wanting to stick his kodai want up other official's (stick) asses

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l000l aint no way u typed that much

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think you forgot the fruitiest member @Koshar

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Damn i didnt make this list! So glad im not a dirty faggot

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